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I Miss You, NYC

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I would like to express how deeply saddened and angered I am by the tragedy that occurred in my  city, on September 11, 2001. She'll never be the same.  I miss her. I miss the fact that I can no longer stand in the most beautiful buildings in the world and gaze down upon the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River, that I can no longer look up and see the sleek brushed steel sides of the twin towers ablaze with the sun's reflection, that I  no longer consider moving across the river just so I could look out the windows to see the most beautiful skyline ever built.  I miss the faces of those nameless thousands that I met on the walkways and breezeways of the WTC -- the true heroes -- the creators who were the best and brightest the world had seen -- the ones who who were literally making much of the good that exists in the world, possible. I miss them most of all.

But,  now I am  becoming angry -- not so much at the creatures that caused this, they are despicable -- like roaches, just step on them and be done with it. No, I am much more angry at  the those who have disarmed our great nation and left it susceptible to vermin like these. They are the "intellectuals" in this country who dare to  insinuate  that we need to be tolerant of these murderers and their ideas, sensitive to their differences (differences like the fact that they want to murder all Americans!) and who hint that the US deserved this murderous act because of its productivity and hard earned wealth.

I say to these creatures that when you cannot tell the difference between freedom and tyranny, justice and murder, peace and war -- you are refusing to see the difference between life and death. And since you cannot distinguish these things -- go live among Muslim extremists who wish to see the west destroyed and see if you can tell the difference. But don't stay here and enjoy the fruits of our ideals while you gnaw away at the roots of our great country. 

These "intellectuals" long  have been inviting the death and destruction of war to come to the soil of the US.  And now that it is here, they would have you focus on their evil guests. But don't be fooled by this.  They, the hosts, are much more evil and dangerous. They are the ones from whom we need protection. And we need much different weapons to fight them than the savages who accepted their invitations.  I implore you all to support The Ayn Rand Institute in this war. They are the manufacturer of moral arms -- the ones that we so desperately need to win this battle for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Their web site is

I would like to send a special thank you to Dr. Leonard Peikoff. Thank you for fighting for my world. Please see his excellent editorials and articles on the war at:

Kathryn Daley


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